Having spent a lifetime within the established Christian Church I am concerned that much of what is accepted as modern theology has not been influenced by the passing of time or the greater understanding of the world we live in. While progress has been made in most disciplines e.g. science, medicine, technology, the natural world, global warming and so much more our understanding of theology seems to be stuck in the dark ages and therefore often fails to engage with today’s generation.

Very often I am greatly disturbed by what I hear from the pulpit. There seems to be a fatalistic approach to our beliefs, a magical expectation to our prayers, and in my opinion, most damaging of all, is this unquestioning acceptance that God is in the driving seat, and as passengers on life’s journey there is little we can do other than, at best, be back seat drivers.

So perhaps now is the time to ask a fundamental question. Do you believe in a power greater than yourself?

Whatever the answer—yes, no, or even undecided—this study may help you to challenge, strengthen or even change your thinking.

The aim of these musings is to explore how we see God in the 21st century and hopefully challenge some accepted ideas of the established Church. Ideally we will provide a platform for interested parties to share thoughts and ideas about Christian faith and the role of the established church in today’s society.

Aims and objectives

  • To celebrate our faith…
  • To honestly review our beliefs and our doubts…
  • To question outdated understanding…
  • To challenge our Christian discipleship…

One thing is clear, the overriding message of the Christian Faith is love and tolerance. Therefore, in that spirit of love and tolerance you are invited to be part of this “Let’s Get Real” study and add your comments and observations.

For many years I have pondered the great decline in Church attendance and tried to analyse the reasons for the “lost generation.” Many Churches have closed, and for those still struggling to stay open there are the problems of an ageing congregation, many finding the responsibilities of office an increasing burden. Grandchildren form the majority of Sunday Schools, valiantly brought along by grandparents, very rarely parents, until they are of an age to vote with their feet. Usually young people cease to attend when they leave Junior School and the style of High School education encourages challenging and questioning as a way of growing and developing.

So, why the exodus of the teenage generation? And other generations if we are honest! Why is the established church, of most denominations, no longer needed or relevant to many in today’s society?

Let’s ask some searching questions…

  • Is it because we fail to engage with young people in an age when participation is the norm in education?
  • Is it because much of what we teach does not ring true in the light of scientific discovery?
  • Is it because they fail to see Love in Action in the life of the church and its members?
  • Is it because our worship fails to uplift the spirits of young and old?

So many questions, and so often we are afraid to really address them.

Let’s have the courage to speak up and if necessary challenge the status quo.

It would be good to ponder on such questions as:


  • Where is God?
  • Is the Bible “The Word of God?”
  • Who is Jesus?
  • What is prayer?
  • Where do we stand in the 21st century?

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