On reflection, I think the heading Conclusion is misleading. We are all aware that for the serious student of Theology there is probably never a conclusion but an ongoing consideration as “thinking about God” is a living, evolving and life affirming discipline. Can we ever reach the point when we no longer need to think about life, about our destiny, about the fulfilment of our potential?

I hope that this “Alternative Theology” will have proved a challenge and I hope that it has stretched horizons and allowed us to feel less alone when we have strayed from accepted doctrines. It has been my experience that a great number of individuals have stepped away from mainstream church because of the stumbling blocks that have prevented us from “making sense” of our beliefs. To me that is a shame because I feel the church has much to offer to the individual and to the community if it would only embrace modern thinking as seen in the context of today’s world and it’s needs.

Finally: How does our understanding translate to our own lives?

Do we see the presence of Jesus in our lives as a restoration of identity (physical) and a renewal of life and hope (spiritual)?

Invitation to share your thoughts:

The year of 2020 has been a year of struggle and uncertainty for most and a year of fear for some. Many people have been forced to cope with bereavement, separation, isolation and uncertainty. It is my bexclief that many are looking for inner strength, looking for a credible set of beliefs. We have seen some amazing acts of bravery, help and support from people within the Church and outside it, but where are our Christian Leaders? I am looking for the established churches, of all denominations, to be less inward looking, less concerned with its survival and traditions and so be able to reach out to those in need as never before seen in my life-time.

I feel as if I’ve being ploughing a lone furrow for many years, so if anything that I have said resonates with you, I would be thrilled to receive your feedback, positive or otherwise, but most of all I would dare to hope that together we may inspire the Christian Church to take a fresh look at itself and question it’s calling in this day and age.

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